Love Triangle? NaNoWriMo surprise

How many of you hopped on this train with a goal to just get to the end?
Did any if you have a specific destination? Did you plan your trip with detailed stops and expected disasters? What did you pack? Or did you simply grab your iPad and boarded yourself for a complete mystery ride?

I jumped. I had a faint idea, nothing more. Now I just write a bit each day from a different character’s point of view and I’ve somehow created a sloppy love triangle in my comedy.

I don’t know about you but I find this a surprise success. Had the pressure not hung over me like a stern Catholic school teacher, I could have completely missed out on this!

Who suddenly sat next to you on your NaNo journey? What surprises you during your word count adventure?

I’m WaamButtonBooks in NaNoWriMo if you want a buddy. I can’t bite you from there.


One thought on “Love Triangle? NaNoWriMo surprise

  1. I think surprises in writing is what makes it the most enjoyable, at least for me. Sure you can have everything planned, but it’s the discovery/excitement that just appears that’s the best part – minus finishing the story of course, lol.

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