NaNoWriMo – Who is entering this insanity?

Hello fellow bloggers, new and old.

I am joining the writing masses and challenging myself to write 1,700 words a day for the month of November. Who else is joining this insane and beautiful challenge?

I myself plan to write a series of short stories into one big collection I intend to edit and self publish when I’m finished. Why not?

How do you prepare for NaNoWriMo?

I filled my cupboards with tea and wine, stuffed the refrigerator with jam, bread, and cheese, piled the vinyl records into the study, and polished up my Billiken. I plan to ride my trusty bicycle to the library often and stash cigars in my pockets for those contemplation periods.

Now I need buddies. This might be the ultimate challenge, right? Introverts reaching out to more introverts for commiseration and accountability.

Please find me on as WaamButtonBooks

Bug me. Poke me. Tell me where you are and what you are doing while staring at the blank slate. Share your misery with me and I will do the same. Perhaps we will surprise ourselves and share good things, like the best glass of wine or nibble of cheese ever! Maybe our muses will overwhelm us with words.

Let us not allow November to render us alone and wordless.


Talk to me. Pretend we're sharing wine or a cigar together.

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