Dreaming of Evening

Evening Dreaming BillikenBring on the wine and cigars…
The sun tricked me into thinking I could eat lunch outdoors and enjoy the elements. Alas the wind cut into my sunburned skin and continued to attack me with chilly air. So I sit and dream of curling up in an old wool blanket with a hand-sculpted mug of red wine or scotch and a sweet cigar rolling around on my tongue and lip. This evening I will light a fat candle and Billiken and I will swim in smoke and spirits- the stuff of conjuring deep dark mysterious tales up out of my imagination and out onto my journal. Some other day when the sun plays nicely, I will spin happier lilting lores on a cotton sarong splayed out overa green green tuft of grass. For now, though, the cold dark night shall accompany me in my writing.

Talk to me. Pretend we're sharing wine or a cigar together.

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