Luck Have It

Billiken BlissOnce in what I call my past life I leaned on luck too hard. I pushed luck. I challenged the inevitable realities beyond reality which resulted in temporary doom. Ironically, luck stuck with me.

One very kind, tall, bone-carving man gave me this Billiken when I asked for good luck. He warned me that a good person shouldn’t need luck, but this Inuit carving out of whale tooth was the best good luck token he had to give. He didn’t believe I needed luck, but understood that folks like their superstition and peace of mind.

I learned than when you lean too hard on luck, it slips away, like trying to squeeze a slippery seed out of its pod only to lose it in the air somewhere. Luck lands when and where it wants to, so one should never beckon, beg, or demand luck. However, luck happens to find nestling in ones soft warm pocket just fine.

Though I am not leaning on my lucky Billiken for “success”, I am grateful for his company and delight in the small wonders of life. He somehow enhances beauty in the simple surroundings most people could easily ignore. He invites me to pause and observe, enjoy, and record these tiny treasures he finds so magnificent.

Button Drawer Book stories share tales of all kinds, evoking emotions we both love and try to avoid, but none of the Billiken himself. He is my pocket muse, and therefore I cherish him as my writing and traveling companion. He tolerates my cigar-smoking, wine-drinking, and verbal wondering. And he smiles. I share his smile with you in hope that you find him contagious, not lucky.

May you enjoy the tiny treasures today.

Sincerely your story servant,


Talk to me. Pretend we're sharing wine or a cigar together.

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